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Alabama Gun Laws


Alabama Gun Laws
In the state of Alabama the sale, giving, lending, or delivering of a handgun to any person under the age of eighteen, any person who has been convicted of a violent crime, any person who is a drug addict, any person who is a habitual drunk, or any person of an unsound mind is illegal. Alabama does not require a permit to possess a rifle, handgun, or shogun. No registration is required for rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Owners do not need to be licensed to possess handguns, rifles, or shotguns. However a permit is required to carry a handgun but is not required to carry a rifle or shotgun. Minors cannot legally, through law enforcement authorities, carry or possess a handgun. After an individual has been warned by a police officer, he or she cannot by law possess or carry a firearm--on his or her person or in a vehicle--while attending or participating at a public place or within one thousand feet of the demonstration. It is also illegal to sell, use, or possess a short-barreled shotgun or a short-barreled rifle.

Alabama Carrying Laws
Under Alabama law it is illegal to carry a concealed firearm, pistol, or air gun without a proper permit. It is also illegal to carry a shotgun or rifle walking cane. No individual can carry a pistol in a vehicle or concealed on his or her person. The exception to this law without a license are allowed to on his or her land, in his or her home, or place of business. These laws do not include common carriers, law enforcement officers, individuals carrying securely wrapped, unloaded handguns from a place of purchase to a home, business, repair place, or when moving from one place of residency to another.

Restored Gun Rights
All cases of convicted felonies are classified by the Federal Government as prohibited from owning or carrying a firearm. The conviction of a misdemeanor for domestic violence will result in the loss of the right to own firearms along with any individual who is the subject of an order of protection. The restoring of gun rights is determined by state law instead of federal law. When convicted of a felony, only those who have been pardoned can earn back their rights to possess and carry firearms. Pardons can be applied for but are not normally granted. In the cases of hunting, convicted felons may participate through bow and arrow, crossbow, and in some cases black powder rifles. Some of the time black powder rifles fall into a different rifle class than prohibited firearms.

Other Laws
The usage of a firearm in a public fight is punishable by no less than six months in a county jail with a fine up to five hundred dollars. The discharge of firearms in schools, cars, dwellings, buildings, watercraft, trains, or any other conveyance is illegal in the state of Alabama and will result in a Class B Felony conviction if the facility is occupied and a Class C Felony is the facility is unoccupied.

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