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California is the Land of Golden Opportunity
At last count, there were over 36 million people living in California. That gives California the distinction of being the most populous state in the country. California is also a state that provides many opportunities for its residents. Whether you're in the fashion, food, financial, or transportation industry you'll find the centers for those businesses thriving in California.

When not at work, Californians can literally go surfing in the morning then skiing in the evening. As for entertainment, there is one word that sums it all up: Hollywood. The movies, television and music created in Hollywood are sent out around the world providing countless hours of escape. It all starts in California.

With so many people working, living and having fun in California there is going to be the occasional issue with the law. Clearly there are far more law abiding citizens than criminals and those responsible folks should be protected. Like every other state in the union, it has fallen to the California legislature (based in the Sacramento capital) to create all the laws, penalties and fines that pertain to any offense. The legislature has also established all the issues pertaining to civil matters such as divorce and bankruptcy. If you're researching information on California laws, you've come to the right place and you're living in a great state!

California Criminal Laws
In matters of criminal offenses, California laws are divided into two classifications: the felony and the misdemeanor. On the following pages, you'll come to understand the distinction between those two classes and the types of penalties that they carry for a conviction. Can your criminal and arrest record ever be expunged? Can you be arrested for a felony but be charged with a misdemeanor? If you or a loved one is involved in a criminal case then your best, first defense is getting information.

California DUI Laws
With regard to DUI laws, California has followed the will of the people to enact strict fines and penalties for anyone who is convicted of a DUI offense. The goal is simple: keep the drunk drivers off the road.

What is the legal definition of DUI? What are different penalties between a first time offender and a second time offender? Can you permanently lose your driver's license with a DUI conviction? You'll find clear answers to those questions and many more on this site.

California Gun Laws
That philosophy of protecting the citizens carries over to the California gun laws. Sadly, Californians have seen their fair share of gun tragedies. Responsible gun ownership can go a long way towards preventing those types of incidents. Who is allowed to own a gun in California? Do guns have to be registered? Can you carry a concealed weapon in California? Whether you're a new gun owner or have always had gun, it's essential to know the facts.

California Civil Laws
Some beleaguered husbands who are going through a bitter break up of their marriage might think that the California divorce laws and bankruptcy laws go hand in hand. With any contested divorce you need to establish the grounds. What are the grounds for divorce in California? How is property distributed? And what about child custody issues? As emotionally upsetting as a divorce can be, understanding the laws and rights can help get you through the process.

In terms of California bankruptcy laws, these are also specific to the state and require a deep level of understanding. You might think bankruptcy is your only option to get out from under debt but what will the ramifications become on the rest of your life? Get all the facts before you make any move.