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Colorado Gun Laws


Colorado Gun Laws
The state of Colorado does not require that state citizens register for firearms. Actually Colorado prohibits, according to state law, the registration of firearms through state or local government. Colorado has also put into place the prohibiting of certain ordinances and regulations by the local government, effective as of March 18, 2003. This means that the local government does not have the authority to create any regulations or ordinances that prohibits the purchase, sale, or possession of any kind of firearm. All regulations, laws, and ordinances proclaimed through the local government became void after this date. Also the local government is not allowed to have any list or record of those who have exchanged or purchased firearms, those who have had firearms repaired or for sale through consignment, those who have transferred firearms, or any descriptions of the firearms along with the exchange, transfer, purchase, or repair.

Legal Issues
In Colorado it is fully legal to sell a firearm to another person if that person is a private citizen and so is the seller. However if the seller has any knowledge of the ineligibility of the buyer to purchase the firearm, then the sale is deemed illegal. Selling ammunition is also a legal act when performed between two private citizens of Colorado. The state of Colorado does not require that handguns be registered, unlike some other states. It is also legal to carry a concealed weapon in a vehicle without acquiring a permit first, according to Colorado law 18-12-204. When an individual has legally gained possession of a handgun, he or she may carry the firearm without permit under varying circumstances. The first of these circumstances is that the handgun can only be carried in a private vehicle--not a public vehicle, such as a bus or the subway--and must be for the use of self-defense or for the legal use in activities for hunting inside state lines. The second of these circumstances states that if the individual is found in handgun violation under Colorado law 18-12-105.5 or 18-12-105, he or she is no longer eligible to carry a handgun without a permit.

Handguns are also legal to be carried openly in a vehicle without prohibiting. However there are a few municipalities who do prohibit carrying open firearms in vehicles. Loaded firearms are not allowed in vehicles and recreational vehicles in Colorado, with the exceptions of revolvers and pistols. Often times muzzle-loaders are allowed to be loaded and carried in vehicles if they are not primed. All individuals carrying concealed weapons must have legal permits to do so, unless otherwise authorized. Few individuals are authorized to carry concealed weapons without permits and can include reasons of private property protection deemed self-defense. Colorado law states that an individual may carry a firearm on a motorcycle under certain conditions, which includes individuals with concealed weapons permits and properly authorized individuals. Colorado also has limitations for private vehicles. The law states that law enforcement officials do not have the authorization to enforce an ordinance that would inhibit an individual's travel while carrying a firearm in a private vehicle.

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