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Connecticut Gun Laws


Connecticut Gun Laws
Ownership of firearms in Connecticut is governed by the Department of Public Safety's Special Licensing and Firearms Unit. There are two different sets of regulations for gun ownership in Connecticut. One set for owning rifles or shotguns and one for pistols or handguns.

Who can own a shotgun or rifle in Connecticut?
You must be 18-years old to purchase a rifle or shotgun. No permits are required to purchase or carry these guns, however there is a 2-week waiting period from the date of purchase to the time you receive your gun.

Who can own pistols or handguns in Connecticut?
You must be 21-years old and a legal resident of the United States to own a handgun or pistol in Connecticut. Before purchasing a firearm you must complete an approved training course and have passed a criminal background check, in addition to obtaining local and state permits.

Getting the Permits
Start by getting a local permit application from your local police department. The application costs $70 and will take 8-weeks to process. All the information you need to get a local permit is included with the application. Once you are approved you have 90-days to get the state permit, which costs an additional $70. You will need your local permit, proof of age, legal residence and photo identification to get your state permit. Don't forget to complete an approved training course before applying for any permits.

What training programs are recognized?
An example of an approved handgun safety course would be the National Rifle Associations basic pistol course. Be sure to contact your local police department before paying for any handgun safety course to ensure it is approved.

Donít Forget Live Fire
In addition to the training course an applicant must have fired an actual semi-automatic pistol or revolver. Simulations or air gun fire are not acceptable substitutions for live fire. Most training programs will include time spent operating a firearm after basic safety rules have been mastered.

What convictions make you ineligible for ownership?
Individuals who have been convicted of a felony can not apply to own a gun in Connecticut. Some misdemeanors will also prohibit you. They include possession of narcotics as well as certain types of homicide, assault, stalking, rioting, endangerment or unlawful restraint. This is only a partial list, so if you have been convicted of any of these offences or any other violent crime you should contact your local police department to discuss your situation.

Other Factors for Denial
Individuals with no criminal record can still be denied for gun ownership in Connecticut. If you've been found not guilty of a crime by reason of insanity, you are not eligible to own a gun for at least 20-years from your release date. If you have a history of mental illness but have never committed a crime you may still be restricted from owning a gun, especially if you have spent time in an institution.

Appealing a Decision
If your application for a local or state permit is rejected an appeal may be submitted to the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners. You must first submit your appeal in writing no more than 90-days after the official rejection date. Then fill out and submit the questionnaire that can be found on the BFPE's website, full details of the appeal process can also be found on there. Once all your paperwork is submitted a hearing will be scheduled so the board can review your case.

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