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Florida Gun Laws


Florida Gun Laws
The state of Florida does not require that individuals purchasing rifles, handguns, or shotguns acquire permits. Registration of rifles, shotguns, and handguns is also unnecessary. The licensing of a firearm owner is not needed in the case of handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Permits are not necessary to carry shotguns or rifles, but a permit is necessary to carry a handgun.

However it is illegal for a convicted felon to have possession of any kind of firearm or to carry a concealed weapon unless all his or her civil rights have been restored. Alcoholics, drug addicts, vagrants, and mentally incompetent individuals are also unlawful to possess or carry firearms. If an individual has been issued a final injunction that is currently in effect and force that restrains him or her due to domestic violence, he or she is not lawful to have a firearm in his or her custody or possession. Selling, giving, bartering, lending, or transferring a firearm to a minor under the age of eighteen without parental consent is illegal in the state of Florida. Florida law states that selling a firearm, Springfield rifle, pistol to a minor is illegal.

Florida Gun Carrying Laws
In Florida the only individuals who are allowed to carry a firearm or a concealed weapon without a license include those who have firearms at their place of business or home; target, skeet, or trapshooting clubs when transferring from one place to another; club members who collect modern and antique firearms while transferring from one place to another; those going to and from an activity such as hunting, camping, or fishing; those engaging in safe target shooting; those firing firearms in a secure indoor ranges; military and law enforcement personnel; and those dealing, repairing, or manufacturing firearms.

It is in fact lawful to possess a concealed firearm without a license for self-defense purposes within the interior of private conveyance if the firearm is not readily accessible for immediate use or is securely encased.

Acquiring a License
The Department of Agriculture will issue licenses under certain conditions that include a person is at least twenty-one years of age, a US citizen, has no mental or physical infirmity that would prevent safe handling, has not been convicted of a felony, has not been convicted of violence or drug related crimes in the three-year period, is not chronically drunk, has not been adjudicated guilty for a crime, and states that carrying a firearm is for the means of self-defense.

Restoring Florida Gun Rights
After a conviction has been completed, an individual who has been convicted of a past crime may apply for the restoration of his or her civil rights. These rights include the right to vote, the right to hold public office, and the right to bear arms. Restoring civil rights and the specific restoration of the right to possess firearms cannot happen at the same time. Civil rights must be restored first and afterward an individual can request the Florida's Office of Executive Clemency to grant a request for possessing a firearm.

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