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Georgia Gun Laws


Georgia Gun Laws
Georgia is described as a "shall issue" state when it comes to carrying a firearm. This means that carrying a concealed weapon requires a permit, but this permit must be issued if the applicant meets specific legal requirements.

Who can own a gun in Georgia?
Any person over the age of 18 may own and possess a gun in Georgia provided they have not been convicted of a felony, violent misdemeanor or spent time in an institution because of addiction or mental illness. If you are unsure of your eligibility contact your local police department to discuss your situation.

Exceptions for minors
Individuals under the age of 18 cannot purchase or possess any type of firearm. However if a minor is participating in an approved training program, or is under the supervision of an adult while hunting they can carry a gun. They can also transport a gun to and from any of these activities provided the gun is not loaded. None of these exceptions apply to a minor who has been convicted of a felony act or selected violent misdemeanors.

Buying a gun in Georgia
To purchase a firearm you will be required to submit to an instant criminal background check. This costs $5 and you will need to bring identification on the day you intend to purchase a firearm. There is no waiting period to own a handgun, shotgun or rifle in Georgia and registering any of these firearms is not required. A permit is not required to purchase or carry a firearm in Georgia. The only permit required is one to carry a concealed firearm.

License to carry
To obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon you must be 21-years of age. If you have been convicted of a felony or certain violent misdemeanors you cannot apply for a license. Also if it has been less than five years since you have been realeased from a mental institution or treated for addiction on the date of your application, you are not legally permitted to apply.

Applying for a license to carry
In order to get a license to carry a handgun you must submit an application to a judge of a probate court in your county of residence. The application costs $15 and after submission the applicant is required to have fingerprinting done. Within 30-days any negative feedback from a background check will be reported to the judge. If there is no negative feedback and you're found to be of good moral character your license will be issued within 10-days.

Georgia's Common Sense Lawful Carry Act
In June of 2010 senate bill 308 was signed into law. This bill aims to clear up which public places an individual may carry a concealed weapon. It was felt that the previous law was far too confusing, and led to many individuals being unnecessarily charged. If you would like clarification on what changes have been made in S.B. 308 contact your local police department.

Restoring gun rights if they are taken away?
If you have lost the right to carry a weapon on account of being treated for addiction or mental illness you may have a medical professional write a letter of recommendation to the judge. If you are ineligible because of conviction you may apply for a pardon to remove your gun ownership restrictions.

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