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As one of the original thirteen Unite States colonies, Georgia has always played a key role in American history. The rural and productive farming communities are matched by the bustling city centers. And you just can't beat the old world charm of towns like Savannah and Atlanta.

For as long as Georgia has been making history, it has also been making laws to protect its citizens. Most of the Georgia laws are rooted in common sense but with an eye towards adapting to the modern rigors of today's society. For instance, the Georgia state legislature recently passed a law banning teenagers from using a cellphone while driving. On the following links, you'll find an abundance of information about the many aspects of Georgian law.

Georgia DUI Laws
All across the country, local law enforcement and state legislatures have taken the issue of drunk driven very seriously. The goal with handing out severe punishments is to prevent a repeat offense. In Georgia, what is the blood alcohol content to be considered legally drunk?

Are there insurance restrictions for a DUI conviction? How long will your license be suspended for a first time DUI conviction? Will you have to face jail time for a DUI? Knowing the penalties might just stop someone you know from drinking and driving.

Georgia Criminal Laws
If you are arrested for breaking any law in Georgia you'll be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor. It doesn't matter if you vandalized property, caused a disturbance or merely trespassed; the determination of the charge will be left up to the district attorney's office.

Do you know the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor as it applies to breaking the law in Georgia? What are the different levels of felony crimes? What are the punishments? Being arrested for any crime is serious business.

Georgia Divorce and Bankruptcy Laws
Not every court case deals with criminal offenses. If you are filing for divorce or bankruptcy you will also need to navigate your way through the proper court system. To obtain a Georgia divorce you need to meet the residency requirements and prove the legal grounds for divorce. You'll also have to deal with property distribution, alimony and possibly child custody. Getting information about an impending divorce can go a long way towards alleviating the stress of the situation.

Understanding Georgia bankruptcy laws is equally beneficial before filing the papers. Clearly, this is not a situation you want to enter into lightly and need to know all your options before proceeding.

Georgia Gun Laws
Many Georgia residents have a proud tradition of gun ownership and hunting. Guns are often passed down through the generations but that doesn't mean there aren't restrictions. Who is actually allowed to possess a gun in Georgia? Can you carry a concealed handgun in Atlanta? Are gun show purchases legal?