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Hawaii Gun Laws


In the state of Hawaii the gun laws and state statutes regarding sell, possess, or carry firearms are strict and specific. Violating these gun laws will result in criminal offense charges considered as felonies and misdemeanors.

The following are these gun laws and statutes for the state of Hawaii:

It is illegal for any individual to acquire ownership of any firearm by any means without proper clearance from the county Chief of Police.

It is illegal to take possess of inherited firearms without first securing a proper permit to possess these firearms.

It is required to have license to carry concealed weapons and/or firearms.

To apply for a permit to acquire firearm(s) individuals are required to provide the following to the issuing officer:

  1. Valid (Non-expired) Photo I. D. This includes State Issued Driver's License and/or Passport.
  2. Permit to acquire this application provided by the Chief of Police for your county.
  3. Mental Health Waiver stating from your doctor that you do not have any mental conditions prohibiting you from possessing a firearm.
  4. Firearms questionnaire acquired from issuing office completed by the individual.
  5. Medical Waiver stating the individual does not have any medical conditions that would hinder the proper use of the firearm.
  6. Fingerprint card obtained from the FBI office.
  7. Background check obtained from FBI office.
  8. Hunters Education/Handgun Safety Training Affidavit stating individual has completed both courses.
  9. A completed application for this permit.
  10. Provide the seller's information such as name, address, and phone number.
  11. Proof of U.S. Citizenship
Mandatory to register a firearm within sevent-two hours upon arriving in the state of Hawaii. Residents have up to five days to register firearms.

Firearms not required to register:
  1. Any firearms manufactured prior to 1899 which fires only loose black powder.
  2. Firearms designed not to fire or capable of being fired.
It is illegal to possess firearms belonging to others without your own permit for the gun regardless of having permission.

It is illegal to purchase for or lend firearms to any individual unauthorized to possess the firearm.

It is legal for individuals sixteen and older or individuals under sixteen accompanied by an adult to: (1) carry/use rifle and/or shotgun for the purpose of hunting or target shooting. (2) Hunting license are required to hunt, but not for target practice.

All loaded weapons are required to remain at the home of the individual permitted to possess firearm(s).

It is illegal to carry loaded firearms.

It is legal to transport unloaded weapons and/or firearms as long as the ammunitition is contained in a closed case such as one designed for a handgun.

Individual who may not own, possess, or purchase a firearm include:
  1. Fugitives from justice.
  2. Any individual under indictment
  3. Any individual convicted of a felony
  4. Any individual convicted of violent crimes
  5. Any individual convicted of illegal sale of controlled substances, narcotics, and/or prescription drugs.
  6. Any individual with a known mental disease and/or disorder.
  7. Any individual diagnosed with behavioral, mental, and/or emotional disorders.
Law enforcement officers have the right to confiscate any firearm of any kind and/or ammunitition from residences where domestic violence has been committed.

Gun and accessories prohibited from Hawaii:
  1. Automatic firearms
  2. Sawed off shotguns
  3. Sawed off rifles
  4. Cannons
  5. Silencers and/or mufflers
  6. Hand grenades
  7. Blasting caps, dynamite, bombs, and/or any explosives
  8. Armour piercing bullets
  9. Exploding bullets
  10. Modified handguns
  11. Ammunitition magazines exceeding ten rounds.

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