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Illinois Gun Laws


Illinois Gun Laws
The state of Illinois has a child access prevention law for all firearms as well as a juvenile possession law and a juvenile sale and transfer law in regards to firearms. Firearm Owner's Identification is required to purchase any handguns, shotguns, or rifles in the state of Illinois. No registration is necessary for shotguns, handguns, or rifles. Owners must license all handguns, shotguns, and rifles under Firearm Owner's Identification. A permit through Firearm Owner's Identification is also required to carry shotguns or rifles. The state of Illinois does not permit any concealed weapons, so no permit is necessary to carry a handgun as it is unlawful. However a Firearm Owner's Identification is necessary when transporting handguns. The city of Chicago requires that all firearms be registered. Purchasing any kind of firearm is subject to municipal control in Illinois. Some municipalities have banned handguns subsequently.

Purchasing Firearms in Illinois
A Firearms Owner's Identification card is required in purchasing ammunition and all firearms. After a purchasing agreement has been made, the firearm seller has the requirement to hold a shotgun or rifle for up to twenty-four hours or a handgun for up to seventy-two hours. A purchasing waiting period does not exist for law enforcement officers, dealers, or non-residents at an Illinois State Police Department gun show. All transfer records will be maintained for up to ten years after the purchase. These records include the firearm's serial number, the firearm's description, the Firearms Owner's Identification number of the owner, and the owner's identity.

The dealer who is licensed under the federal government is required by law to have a background check on any individual looking to purchase a firearm. This check will be through the Department of the State Police for a fee of two dollars. Private sales and gun show sales must also run background checks on their buyers as required by the state police. These background checks also require Firearms Owner's Identification cards. Those under the age of eighteen are not permitted to purchase a firearm in the state of Illinois along with those who are not eligible for Firearms Owner's Identification.

Firearms Owner's Identification Requirements
The Illinois state police department how the power to issue Firearms Owner's Identification as located in Springfield. Applications can be acquired online or through a phone call. Only certain individuals are eligible to obtain Firearms Owner's Identification. The requirements include being over the age of twenty-one; never having been convicted of any felony; not being addicted to narcotics, not being a mental patient in the past five years; not being mentally handicapped; not being an alien to the United States; not being the subject of any prohibiting order for possessing a firearm; not being convicted of assault, battery, aggravated assault, or any protection violation while possessing a firearm in the past five years; or having not been convicted of a domestic battery offense or similar crime on or after the first of January 1998 or before this date within five years. A Firearms Owner's Identification application can be marked void if the information presented has been deemed false.

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