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Indiana Gun Laws


Indiana Gun Laws
The state of Indiana has a partial Child Access Preventions law but has full action for the Juvenile Possession Law and the Juvenile Sale or Transfer Law. No permits are necessary to purchase handguns, shotguns, or rifles. Permits are necessary to carry handguns but are not necessary to carry shotguns or rifles. Shotguns, handguns, and rifles do not need registration in Indiana. Owners also do not need to be licensed to have handguns, rifles, or shotguns.

Selling or transferring a handgun to an individual under the age of eighteen is illegal, unless the individual is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Those who are under drug influence, who have been convicted of felonies, who are drug abusers, who are mentally handicapped, who abuse alcohol, or who are intoxicated are not legal to purchase firearms.

Handgun sales are regulated and include that of trading, selling, and transferring from on person to another, such as through dealers or retailers. All dealers are required by Indiana law to run NICS background checks for Federal regulation when renting, trading, selling, or transferring a handgun. When a background check surfaces criminal history that is incorrect, the individual has the right to have the information reviewed as to reverse the firearm purchasing denial. Individuals who are subject to background checks include licensed concealed weapons permit holders, law enforcement officers, collectors, importers, dealers, and manufacturers.

Possessing Firearms in Indiana
Juveniles are not allowed under Indiana law to possess a firearm, even when provided by an adult. Exceptions to this law include participation in a firearms safety or hunter safety courses under adult supervision; target practice in an enclosed range under an adult or a qualified instructor; participating in an organized and legal competition with a group; trapping and hunting with a license under the law; traveling to or from a permitted activity with an unloaded firearm; using the firearm under proper supervision on real property; or under the supervision of an adult at the juvenile's residence. No individual may possess any form of firearm on school property or on a school bus, unless otherwise authorized legally.

Carrying Firearms in Indiana
A licensed permit is required to carry a handgun on the body or in a vehicle. Exceptions to this rule include doing so in an individual's place of dwelling; at a place of business or on personal property; officers of the law enforcement or on-duty military officers; United States employees who are authorized to carry firearms; and employees of an express company while employed for an authorized business. When a firearm is not in use, it is required that the handgun be unloaded and secured while transferring it from one place to another, such as after purchase, traveling, or upon repair.

Concealed weapons permits must send application to the county sheriff or the chief officer of the law enforcement municipality of current residence or of the company residence. Investigations will thereafter be conducted to qualify the individual for legal possession and include fingerprinting and character verification.

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