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Kentucky Gun Laws


Kentucky Gun Laws
In the state of Kentucky gun laws do not require an individual to have a permit before purchasing rifles, shotguns, or handguns. The law also states that no registration is necessary for rifles, shotguns, or handguns. The owner licensing of rifles, shotguns, and handguns is not necessary in Kentucky. Shotguns and rifles do not require a permit in order to be carried but handguns do require permits to be carried. Federal law states that Kentucky Revised Statutes permits the purchase of any firearm from licensed manufacturers, collectors, dealers, and importers. Purchasers are, however, required to be United States citizens and residents of the state of Kentucky's Commonwealth. Firearms can also be purchased without permit from unlicensed Kentucky individuals or those of other states.

Carrying Firearms
Kentucky does not allow any individual to carry a concealed firearm on his or herself, as it is illegal. Kentucky defines a concealed weapon as having a firearm about the body or in a near reach where it can be accessed with physical ease. Unlike other states, it is also illegal to carry a concealed weapon in personal dwelling areas or premises. Only those who have been issues legal licenses to carry concealed weapons are allowed to do so, including on-duty company messengers, police officers, on-duty United States mail carriers, and on-duty company agents. Any firearm that is hidden under a driver's seat is considered concealed, which makes carrying a firearm in a car illegal if located here. Firearms that are within an unlocked or locked glove compartment are not illegal, as this is not considered to be concealed by the state of Kentucky.

Issuing Kentucky Firearms
Acquiring a concealed weapons permit requires several conditions. These include being a United States citizen and a Kentucky resident for more than six months; being on active duty in Kentucky for the Armed Forces; being at least twenty-one-years-old; being eligible through the federal and state law to possess a firearm; not being a justice fugitive, not having been indicted, convicted, or imprisoned for at least one year; having no adjudication record; having no involuntary commission to institution for mental health; having no misdemeanor offense under domestic violence; having not been imprisoned from controlled substance abuse; having not been convicted of a controlled substance misdemeanor in three years; not having outstanding convictions of two or more operating under the influence of alcohol charges within three years; having been compliant with child support warrants and subpoenas; or having not been convicted of a third-degree terrorist threat or fourth-degree assault within three years.

All those applying for concealed weapons must show competence towards firearms and must complete a safety test through the Criminal Justice Training Department. This course will not exceed eight hours, will include handgun instruction--including safety, care, marksmanship, and cleaning--will have safe range firing for less than twenty rounds at different targets, and will have copies of Kentucky laws for carrying and possessing firearms. An application for a concealed weapons permit includes a fee of sixty dollars.

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