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Louisiana Gun Laws


Louisiana Gun Laws
Louisiana does not require that individuals first obtain a permit before purchasing a handgun, shotgun, or a rifle. However it is illegal in the state of Louisiana to sell dangerous items or firearms to those under the age of eighteen. Law states that not knowing the individual's age is not a sufficient defense. Rifles, handguns, and shotguns do not need to be registered either.

Louisiana citizens may possess a handgun, shotgun, or rifle without a permit as stated by law. Transferring or selling a firearm to an illegal alien is unlawful as is providing a firearm to a citizen of another country with which the United States has conflicts. Those who have been convicted of certain crimes also may not possess a firearm until ten years have passed since the completion of parole, probation, sentence suspension, or the sentence.

Minors under the age of seventeen are unlawful to possess a firearm unless accompanied by guardian or parent. These circumstances stipulate that this can only happen during firearm safety courses, target practice in an enclosed facility, legal hunting with an adult, or while traveling to secured activities with an unloaded and secured firearm.

Carrying Firearms in Louisiana
Rifles, handguns, and shotguns do not need to be registered but permits must be obtained to carry a concealed handgun. Permits are not necessary for carrying shotguns or rifles. Only on-duty peace officers are eligible to carry handguns without permits.

Only certain individuals are eligible to apply for a concealed weapons permits. These include those who show adequate training in the use of a firearm; those who are above the age of twenty-one; Louisiana state citizens for at lease six months or more; those who have not be committed for mental illnesses; those who have not been convicted for a felony offense; those who have not abused controlled substances; those who have not plead guilty to using a controlled substance within a five year period; those who are not regular alcohol abusers; those who have not plead guilty to a misdemeanor within five years; those who are not addicted to stimulants, depressants, narcotics, or marijuana; those who are not justice fugitives; legal citizens; those who have been honorably discharged from the United States military; those who have not engaged in violent crimes or behavior; and those who, under federal law, are eligible to posses a firearm.

Obtaining a Permit
To acquire a concealed weapons permit, individuals must first pass and complete the proper courses, programs, and classes associated with training and safety. The Deputy Secretary of Public Safety will handle the applications and pass them to the proper authorities within two days. Once validated a concealed weapons permit stands for four years before renewal is necessary.

When questioned by a police officer, the individual is required to produce the permit and must allow the officer to obtain the weapon temporarily and must submit to being pat down for safety reasons. If an officer finds an individual under the impairment of alcohol or a controlled substance, the officer may take the weapon and request a chemical test.

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