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Maine Gun Laws


In the state of Maine gun laws there exist specific laws regarding different forms of firearms. Within these laws are stipulations for minors. The following are these gun laws as specified by Maine state statutes.

Gun Laws Applying to Minors:

  1. It is illegal to sell, purchase for, or transfer ownership of handguns to anyone under the age of eighteen
  2. It is illegal to attempt to provide or sell pellet guns, air rifles, gun accessories and/or any form of ammunition to minors under the age of sixteen
  3. Juveniles who are convicted of violent and/or gun related offenses are restricted to own any form of firearm until the age of eighteen
  4. It is illegal for minors under the age of ten to hunt and/or obtain hunting license
  5. It is legal for minors sixteen years of age or older to obtain a hunting license and hunt if accompanied by parent or legal guardian
Gun Laws Applying to Adults:
  1. Permits, registration and/or licenses are not required for shotguns and rifles
  2. Permits are required for handguns
  3. Permits are not required for the sale or purchase of guns in the state of Maine
  4. Anyone selling guns in Maine are required to keep thorough records of all gun transactions to include the serial numbers. It is also required that safety brochures are packaged with these guns at the time of sale
  5. Records are subject to inspection by law enforcement at any given time
  6. It is illegal for anyone outside of law enforcement to possess firearms of any kind in bars and/or night clubs
  7. It is illegal to possess any firearm(s) during any period of time while consuming alcohol and/or under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substances
  8. It is illegal to carry concealed weapons without a valid permit
  9. It is illegal for any individual to purchase/possess handguns and/or permits if the individual has:
    1. Record of any form of abuse
    2. Felony conviction of any kind
    3. More than three convictions where punishment is less than one year imprisonment
    4. Record of negligent and/or reckless misconduct
    5. Record of any drug violation
  1. It is legal to possess machine guns that are registered and compliant with all federal gun laws
  2. It is illegal to hunt with machine guns
  3. It is illegal to hunt with any automatic and/or self-loading firearm(s)
  4. It is illegal to possess silencer(s)
  5. It is illegal to use/possess exploding and/or tracer bullets.Retailers and/or lawful firearm dealers are not liable for crimes committed with the use of firearms sold
  6. The sale of any machine guns is illegal and classified as a Class D felony charge
  7. Using deadly force with a firearm(s) is legal if the action is a result of self-defense within the home
  8. It is illegal discharge firearm(s) in public places
  9. It is illegal to discharge firearm(s) in the direction of oncoming traffic on roads and/or highways
  10. It is illegal to possess a loaded firearm(s) of any form in a motor operated vehicle regardless of permit
  11. It is illegal to discharge a firearm(s) toward another individual where there is not an emanant threat to an individual's life

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