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Although any first grader can tell you that the Declaration of Independence was written and signed in Philadelphia, it was really Massachusetts that should get credit for the birth of the American Revolution. It was in Massachusetts where the original Tea Party demonstrated and it was the Boston massacre which inflamed the passion of Americans to stand up for their freedoms.

Standing up for and sometimes fighting to defend those freedoms is the foundation of our nation's prosperity. What many folks might not realize is that a large percentage of those original founding fathers were actually lawyers. Most notable was John Adams of Massachusetts. Thanks to all the generation of legal scholars and the state legislature that followed Adams, there are Massachusetts laws on the books to provide a framework for a peaceful and safe society. You'll find a complete review of these laws on the links on

Massachusetts Gun Laws
The right to keep arms as stated in our constitution can be directly linked back to the incidents that occurred in Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War. Of course back then the lawmakers couldn't conceive of modern day weaponry or gun use. Today, Massachusetts gun laws are meant to preserve those original rights while taking into account the changes in society.

Who is permitted to own a gun in Massachusetts? Who is allowed to sell guns? What are the restrictions for transporting guns? All of these aspects any many more are covered in the Massachusetts gun laws.

Massachusetts Criminal Laws
There are a handful of sensational crimes that make the national headlines every year. Usually these involve horrendous acts against innocent people that have been caught on tape. Beyond the big headlines, there are crimes committed everyday both large and small. Massachusetts criminal laws define the difference between felony and misdemeanor charges.

A felony crime is the more serious based on the amount of damage or harm that occurred during the commission of the crime. What is the difference in sentencing between a felony conviction and a misdemeanor conviction? Can you have a felony conviction removed from your records? Massachusetts criminal laws were written by lawyers but applied to everyone in the state.

Massachusetts DUI Laws
On any given week, there are many reasons for a people celebrate. Whether it's a new job, a sports win or just hanging out with good friends there is nothing wrong with folks having a drink or two. It's when that celebration gets out of hand and a person gets behind the wheel of their car that trouble can occur.

Massachusetts DUI laws follow the foundation of the rest of the nation in setting the legal limit for drinking. However, Massachusetts is permitted to create their own system of punishments and fines for DUI convictions. Will a DUI arrest affect your car insurance? What happens to a repeat DUI offender? The Massachusetts DUI laws leave no doubt how serious they take the issue of drunk driving.

Massachusetts Divorce Laws
Compared with the rest of the nation, Massachusetts has a low divorce rate but that doesn't mean that divorce courts still aren't a necessity. Massachusetts divorce laws set forth the legal grounds for obtaining a divorce and how property should be distributed. They also handle the matters of alimony payments, child custody and child support.

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Laws
There was a time when filing for bankruptcy was relatively easy. However, there have been new federal restrictions applied to filing procedures. The Massachusetts bankruptcy laws cover all aspect of filing for bankruptcy within the state. No one is happy to go through this process but understanding the law can be a big relief.