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Michigan State Laws

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The name Michigan is derived from the old Native American word for "great lake" which is Michigama. Michigan has come a long way since its early years as part of the wild frontier of the United States. The fastest way to tame any territory is through the law. Michigan laws cover all aspects of life. Whether you are working with the law or against it, understanding the rules can go a long way towards helping you through many situations.

Working with the law means the proper filing for divorce or bankruptcy. It is also following the guidelines to being a legally sanctioned gun owner. Working against the law means you've committed a crime and need to atone for that act. Building on the framework of federal guidelines, the Michigan state legislature has enacted their own criminal and civil codes. You'll find a complete overview of these laws on this site.

Michigan Criminal Laws
A review of FBI statistics shows that Detroit has had an ongoing tough time with regard to criminal acts. Unfortunately, crimes aren't limited to downtown Detroit. If you or someone you know is arrested for a criminal act, you will be charged with either a felony or misdemeanor.

Either one of those charges comes with a predetermined set of fines and possible jail time. It falls to the discretion of the judge to determine how to apply those penalty guidelines. As they do elsewhere in the nation, Michigan criminal laws strive to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty.

Michigan DUI Laws
We all know we're not supposed to drink and drive. At least we know that when we're sober. But after several drinks, we can become immune to the dangers. The best way to prevent a reoccurrence of drunk driving is to hand out strong penalties for those who are convicted of a DUI.

Along with jail time and fines, a person convicted of a DUI can also have their license suspended. The goal is to make it harder for those who think they can drive while drunk to get away with the crime. Michigan DUI laws can be a positive "wake up" call for someone with a DUI problem.

Michigan Gun Laws
Just because our Constitution protects our rights to own guns doesn't mean everyone is allowed to have a gun. There are some restrictions that cross state lines to become nationwide gun restrictions. Michigan gun laws spell out very clearly who can own, buy or sell a firearm. They also explain the approved legal method of transportation of a firearm. You don't want to be caught with a gun that isn't legal in Michigan.

Michigan Divorce Laws
It is a fact of American life that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Sadly, couples in Michigan follow those same trends. Michigan Divorce laws have been instituted to make the dissolving of a marriage as painless as possible. The divorce laws provide for the legal grounds for divorce. Additionally, they provide the guidelines for judges to rule in matters of alimony, child support and the distribution of property.

Michigan Bankruptcy Laws
Just as national marriage trends are the same in Michigan, so too are the trends for bankruptcy filings. Michigan bankruptcy laws are very concise about who is eligible to file and what the ramifications of filing would be.