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Michigan Laws
In 2008 marijuana was legalized in the state of Michigan for medical purposes. Those permitted to possess marijuana must first apply through a physician's recommendation. All applications must be accompanied by a one hundred-dollar registration fee. Those who are on Medicaid or SSI can have this fee reduced to twenty-five dollars.

Although an individual may have legal permission to possess marijuana, he or she must comply with all regulations. These can include a limited number of plants and a limited ounce amount allowed at a time.

Anyone who violates the regulations will be subject to Michigan marijuana laws for all those who do not have legal permission. Any individual who does not have medical permission will be arrested for possession, cultivation, or trafficking.

Normally all possession offenses are considered misdemeanor offenses in the state of Michigan. Possession, cultivation, and selling offenses are divided by the amount in possession. No matter if an individual has a prior marijuana offense or not, he or she will be subject to the same penalties as a subsequent offender.

A marijuana use offense is punishable by up to ninety days in jail with or instead of a fine of one hundred dollars. This kind of offense has the possibility of conditional discharge.

Any measurable amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense and comes with the penalty of a fine of two thousand dollars with or instead of imprisonment of one year. The possibility of conditional discharge is also available. Possessing any amount in a public park can be increased to a felony offense and can earn a fine of two thousand dollars with or instead of two years of imprisonment.

All cultivation offenses are considered felony offenses under all circumstances. Cultivating fewer than twenty plants can earn a twenty thousand-dollar fine with or instead of a four-year imprisonment term.

Cultivating anywhere between twenty and two hundred plants can earn up to seven years of incarceration with or instead of a five hundred thousand-dollar fine. Any time an individual cultivates more than two hundred plants he or she will earn fifteen years of imprisonment with or instead of a ten million-dollar fine.

The distribution of marijuana without remuneration is considered a misdemeanor offense and can be punished through a fine of one thousand dollars with or instead of one year of imprisonment. All other marijuana sale offenses are considered felony offenses.

Selling less than five kilograms can be punished by four years of imprisonment with or instead of a twenty thousand-dollar fine. Selling between five and forty-five kilograms is penalized with a five hundred thousand-dollar fine with or instead of seven years of incarceration. The sale of more than forty-five kilograms can earn fifteen years in prison with or instead of a ten million-dollar fine.

Driving Under the Influence
Driving under the influence of marijuana is treated the same as driving under the influence of alcohol. All offenses, whether first or subsequent, are based on the number of years in between offenses. Under the influence offenses can earn up to five thousand dollars in fines, community service, and up to five years in prison.

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