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Minnesota State Laws

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Thanks to its amazing geography, Minnesota is known as "the Land of 10,000 Lakes." Whether that is an accurate count of the lakes or not it really means that you won't have to travel far in Minnesota to see a sample nature's beauty. As idyllic as spending time on one of those crystal clear lakes might be, you can never completely escape from the rules and restrictions of society.

Minnesota laws have been crafted over the years by the state legislature. As the times change, the laws adapt but there are some laws on the books that have outlived their practicality. When it comes to the basics of criminal and civil law, you can rest assured that Minnesota laws are up to date and provide the structure for living in a peaceful community.

Minnesota Gun Laws
The reason states have adopted gun laws is not to restrict people from owning guns but to protect everyone from the unlawful use of a gun. Minnesota gun laws deliver the guidelines for gun ownership and purchasing. There are some residents who would be barred from owning guns because of their past criminal history or mental capacity. Before you decide to buy a gun or even if you've already been given a gun as a present you need to understand the laws.

Minnesota Criminal Laws
Even with all the peace and calm to be found at any of Minnesota's lakes, there is still the chance that a crime can occur. Minnesota criminal laws spell out the difference between a felony crime and a misdemeanor crime. No one wants to find themselves on the wrong side of the law but if that does happen you should know what you're facing. Felony crimes carry more severe jail sentences and potential fines. A convicted felon also has many of their individual freedoms restricted.

Minnesota DUI Laws
Drunk drivers have been causing accidents and deaths ever since the automobile was invented. Minnesota DUI laws follows the lead of other states in handing down serious punishments for even a first time DUI offender. Because innocent lives are at stake, there should be no second guessing when it comes to keeping convicted DUI offenders off the road. That is the goal of any of the Minnesota DUI laws.

Minnesota Divorce Laws
Getting married means you are making a commitment to your spouse. Unfortunately, that commitment is not legally binding. For whatever reason that a marriage breaks down, it's important the the dissolution be handled properly. Minnesota divorce laws are set up to protect both sides in a marriage no matter whose fault the break up might be.

A judge takes in many factors when deciding how to split up the property, award alimony and handle all child custody matters. The Minnesota divorce laws also set forth what the legal grounds for divorce might be. A divorce is not a fun time for anyone but knowing the laws can provide a small measure of comfort.

Minnesota Bankruptcy Laws
When a person has reached the end of their proverbial rope they might opt to file for bankruptcy. Although that might provide temporary relief for some bills, there are still a lot of ramifications to consider before filing. Minnesota bankruptcy laws explain all the details of filing and who might be eligible.