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To a certain degree, the level of gun restrictions depends on a particular state's history and culture with regard to gun ownership. States where hunting has been a long tradition typically have less restrictions then states with urban centers associated with high crime rates. Mississippi definitely falls into the former category. You are permitted to own and buy a gun, rifle or shotgun, in Mississippi without a license. You are not required to register any of those firearms. The only time when a permit is required is for the right to carry a concealed handgun.

Mississippi Conceal Carry Permit Restrictions
You can apply for a concealed carry permit for a handgun if you are over the age of 21, a resident of Mississippi or an active duty military personal. You can be denied a permit if you are physically disabled from handling a gun, you have a problem with substance abuse, have mental problems or are a convicted felon. All persons who apply for such a permit must be fingerprinted and photographed. There's also a $100 registration fee that is required.

If you were ever convicted of a violent misdemeanor, you have to have a clean record for at least three years before applying for a conceal carry permit. However, if you were pardoned from that conviction you can apply for the license. Without a pardon, you can also apply to a "certificate of rehabilitation" from the court. If that is granted then you will be allowed to possess a firearm. It's not against the law for any person over the age of 18 to carry a firearm on their own property or at a shooting range or transporting that weapon to a sport shooting event.

Prohibited Places from Carrying a Concealed Handgun
Although Mississippi might be considered to have less restrictive gun laws, even with a permit there are several places where you are not allowed to carry your concealed handgun. These include any polling place, courthouses, jails, public parks, schools or colleges, places of worship, parades or demonstrations. Certain businesses are allowed to post a sign declaring that concealed weapons are not permitted on the property. Additionally, you cannot have a concealed handgun at any place that serves alcohol.

Additional Mississippi Gun Laws
In Mississippi it is against the law to make, sell or own any weapon silencer that hasn't been approved by federal law. The same restrictions apply to what are considered to be armor piecing bullets. The gun laws in Mississippi have been adopted for use in the entire state. No local town or county is allowed to adopt their own gun ordinances. This includes creating restrictions for firing any gun or rifle on plots of land that are over 10 acres. You can own a machine gun in Mississippi but it must be registered and comply with any federal laws.

Any gun dealer or pawnbroker will need to keep a record of all handgun sales including the caliber of weapon, when it was sold and to who it was sold. These records should be made available for public review at anytime.

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