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When Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast, New Orleans was hit the hardest. However, Mississippi was also slammed by the storm. Entire neighborhoods were wiped out in an instant. Thanks to the resilient nature of Mississippians, the state has managed to bounce back and revitalize itself.

Even during tough times, residents can depend on Mississippi laws to protect their interests whether those interests involve civil or criminal matters. You don't have to be a lawyer to understand all the various Mississippi laws. You just have to know where to find them.

Mississippi Criminal Law Details
There was a time when convicted felons were sentenced to a chain gang. These gangs would be subjected to hard labor in the brutal Mississippi sun. These gangs were a very strong deterrent against breaking the law. Although chain gangs might be a part of the past, Mississippi criminal laws completely spell out the different levels of offenses.

Felony crimes carry stronger jail sentences then the lesser misdemeanor charges. There are also additional restrictions placed on a person convicted of a felony crime. With a misdemeanor conviction you might be able to remove the arrest from your record so it won't show up on an employee background check.

Mississippi Gun Laws
In Mississippi, it has been a longstanding tradition to pass down firearms from generation to generation. Although noble, that might not always be following the law. For instance, Mississippi gun laws restrict convicted felons from owning a gun and therefore the family rifle might have to be surrendered. There are other restrictions regarding who can sell or buy a firearm and how it can be carried around the state.

Mississippi DUI Laws
Back in 1984, the Mississippi state legislature decreed that milk was the official drink of the state. If that was all everyone ever drank there would be no need for any Mississippi DUI laws. Unfortunately, that is not the case and the extensive state DUI laws explain in great detail what the legal definition of driving drunk is and the penalties that come with a DUI conviction. There are also matters of car insurance and license suspension that become automatic with DUI convictions in Mississippi.

Mississippi Divorce Law
In the South, a "shotgun wedding" was a term used to describe a wedding where the groom needed to be "persuaded" to marry his bride. If you have to force the groom down the aisle then that marriage doesn't stand a great chance at survival.

Mississippi divorce laws are put in place to help couples resolve the breakdown of their marriages. Whether it is a no-fault divorce or you have legal grounds to file, there are many more factors to consider. Property distribution, alimony payments and child custody matters are all covered in the Mississippi divorce codes.

Mississippi Bankruptcy Laws
Like everywhere else on the planet, fortunes can be made and loss in Mississippi. For those who are on the downside of financial security, bankruptcy might become a viable option for climbing out of debt. Mississippi bankruptcy laws provide information as to who is eligible to file and what the repercussions of bankruptcy might be.