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Missouri Gun Law Details
Although there are many common elements regarding gun laws throughout the country, particular states have specific firearm restrictions which originated from their state legislatures. Typically these unique laws come into being when someone has been arrested for a charge they feel isn't warranted and fights to create a new ordinance. The other type of gun laws are those passed down through the generations. One such Missouri gun law is the "peaceable journey and RV" law. This states that it is legal to carry a weapon in the glove compartment of your vehicle as long as the possession meets all the other legal requirements. This same law applies to the type of vehicle that is considered a "dwelling" like an RV or if someone is traveling through the state on a
"peaceable journey."

Missouri Gun Possession Laws
You do not need any type of permit to buy a rifle, handgun or shotgun in the state of Missouri. However, it is against the law to sell or loan any firearm or ammunition to anyone who doesn't meet the requirements for ownership or are under the age of 18 (without permission from a parent or guardian) or are intoxicated. You are not permitted to own a gun if you have been convicted or served a jail term for a dangerous felony. You'll also be restricted from ownership if you are a fugitive on the run, have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse or someone who has been deemed mentally incompetent to own a firearm.

Missouri Gun Carry Laws
Missouri has both open carry and concealed carry permits available to gun owners who meet the qualifications. First, you need to submit a complete application form with all your identification information. You will also be required to complete a mandatory training course. A background and fingerprint check will be run on your application to make sure you meet the standards. Those standards include not being convicted of a felony including domestic violence, not having a DUI misdemeanor charge within the past five years, not having a dishonorable discharge from military service and/or not having a substance abuse problem.

When your application has been approved you'll have to sign it in front of a Sheriff as a witness. You'll then need to present the approved application to the Department of Revenue where they will issue you a new driver's license with the permit included. You'll need to have this permit with you anytime you are carrying the firearm.

Missouri Gun Carry Restrictions
There are certain places in Missouri where you are not allowed to carry your sidearm even with the proper license. These include any Missouri courthouses or jails, colleges or universities, elementary or secondary schools, riverboat gambling casinos, amusement parks, churches, hospitals or sports arenas that seat more than five thousand people.

Missouri Rifle and Shotgun Restrictions
There are certain types of rifles and shotguns that are against the law in Missouri. These include a rifle that has a barrel less then sixteen inches long, a shotgun with a barrel of less then eighteen inches long or any rifle or shotgun that is less then twenty-six inches long in overall length. It's also against the law in Missouri to use or possess exploding or metal piercing bullets.

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