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Montana Gun Laws


Montana Guns Laws
Permits are not required by the state of Montana to purchase a handgun, rifle, or a shotgun. Montana also does not require that shotguns, handguns, and rifles be registered. Some states require that their citizens be licensed before owning any shotguns, handguns, or rifles, but Montana does not require this licensing.

Permits are also not necessary for carrying shotguns and rifles but are mandatory for carrying any kind of handgun. Handguns are often referred to as concealed weapons as they are small enough to be fully covered without much effort. Montana requires a permit to have a concealed weapon inside city limits but no permit is required outside city limits.

Carrying Firearms in Montana
The state of Montana states that it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon without the proper permit. Concealed also means fully covered or partially covered in anyway while on the body. This can be by clothing or other object.

This permit does not apply to specific individuals inside their line of work or certain outdoor activities. These include peace officers, individuals outside city boundaries, individuals working in lumbering, logging, railroading, or mining camps, or individuals participating in fishing, hunting, camping, trapping, framing, backpacking, hiking, ranching, or any other activity out of doors where weapons are carried for added protection. Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is also allowed in and on an individual's personal property or personal business.

Those who apply for concealed weapon permits will file through the proper county sheriff and will usually have a permit approved after sixty days. This permit will need to be renewed after four years as stated by Montana law. To apply an individual must be over the age of eighteen, be a United States citizen, be a Montana resident for at least six months, and have picture identification as issued through the state of Montana.

The county sheriff many deny a concealed weapons permit if the state of Montana deems the individual ineligible to possess a firearm; if there have been charges for a federal or state crime amounting to one year or more of incarceration; if there is a pending court judgment for a state or federal criminal offense; if a sentence was determined due to threats or attempted acts; if there was a dishonorable charge from the United States military; if the individual is in the use of controlled substances or abuses alcohol; if there is an outstand warrant for arrest; or if the individual was deemed mentally ill.

Possessing a Firearm
Because no permit is needed to possess a firearm, other laws apply in Montana. Minors under the age of fourteen are not allowed to use or carry a firearm in a public vicinity unless aided by a guardian or parent. It is also illegal to possess a firearm while on school property, which includes the storing of and the carrying of a weapon by a student. Montana law states that parents are prohibited from allowing children from possessing firearms on school property.

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