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Nevada Gun Laws


Nevada Gun Laws
The state of Nevada has gun laws unlike other states, despite having child access prevention laws, juvenile possession laws, juvenile transfer laws, and juvenile sale laws. Nevada does not require permits for the purchase of handguns, rifles, or shotguns nor does it require the registration of shotguns, handguns, or rifles. Permits are also unneeded to carry rifles, handguns, and shotguns. Most states require permits to carry any type of handgun, but in Nevada handguns only require permits if they are concealed.

Owners also do not need to be licensed to own shotguns, handguns, or rifles. Nevada does not have a state waiting period nor is there a sale record. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has the right to run National Instant Checks through their state systems when a firearm transaction has taken place.

Concealed Weapons
Nevada is often referred to as a "shall issue" state with regards to carrying concealed weapons. Firearms are issued to qualified individuals who have passed the National Instant Criminal System check. A permit is then authorized for the carrying of concealed weapons by the county sheriff.

Certain qualifications apply for obtaining a concealed weapons permit. These include being at least twenty-one years of age; completing a firearms safety course as with the Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Association approval; obtaining an application form though a local sheriff and submitting it along with fees and a training certificate; passing a criminal background check though Nevada law 202.360 with a fee payment; and often providing a photograph and fingerprints.

Once a permit for a concealed weapon has been issued, the permit must be carried with the weapon at all times and will need to be presented when asked by a law enforcement officer. Concealed weapons permits will need to be renewed every five years for residents and will need to be renewed every three years for non-residents.

Even though a permit has been issued, certain establishments restrict any kind of firearm on the premises. These include public schools, public airports, and buildings that state the banning of firearms via a sign.

Registration and Demonstration
The state of Nevada does not require that firearms be registered but residents of Clark County must register their concealed weapons with the Clark County law enforcement agency.

Upon registration in the entirety of Nevada, a CCW concealed weapons permit requires a demonstration of the gun to be registered. Because all revolvers are operated the same, any revolver can be used for demonstration but the automatic firearm must be present at the time of the demonstration. Nevada is not the only state that requires a CCW permit for concealed weapons permits, other states also have this requirement. These include Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Nevada, Montana, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Idaho, Arizona, and Alaska.

Nevada also honors the State CCW permits of other states, including Tennessee, Ohio, Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan, Louisiana, Kansas, Arkansas, and Alaska. This kind of permit needs to be renewed regularly at the appropriate time periods and will include a fee of one hundred five dollars.

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