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New Mexico Gun Laws


New Mexico Gun Laws
The state of New Mexico has many laws in regards to firearms and how they are to be legally used. This includes those outlines in Statutes Chapter Thirty, Article Seven, named Weapons and Explosives.

Rather than govern firearms through local governments, New Mexico has set state laws that disallow local governments from restricting firearm use and possession. Before 1986 this state had a law that did not allow concealed weapons. After an alteration, New Mexico now allows citizens to carry concealed weapons with legal permits. Since New Mexico is one of the "shall issue" states, loaded firearms are allowed to be carried when a permit has been issued.

To apply for a permit an individual must be over the age of twenty-one and be a New Mexico resident. These permits state which concealed weapon is to be carried and of which caliber. Once a certain caliber is validated, all lesser calibers may be carried without other permits.

A training course must be passed and a minimum of fifteen hours must be spent at the firing range and in the classroom to prove gun proficiency for each caliber. Each of these permits lasts four years, however a proficiency test must be renewed every two years.

Despite the issuance of permits, firearms are illegal inside public schools, federal buildings, and restaurants with liquor licenses. Permit holders may carry a loaded concealed weapon into a store that sells liquor if the alcohol is to be consumed elsewhere.

Weapons Permits
Unlike other states New Mexico allows the concealed weapons permits of other states to be valid inside New Mexico's borders. These include the states of:

Wyoming, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, Delaware, Colorado, Arizona, and Alaska.

Along with the "shall issue" stance, New Mexico also has an "extended domain" stance. Extended domain states that a motor vehicle is a legal place to contain a firearm--concealed or openly--and is an extension of an individual's home. Firearms then are lawful to be carried inside vehicles without certain permits, but if an individual leaves his or her home or vehicle, the weapon must be concealed--loaded or unloaded. Unloaded firearms can be carried into most establishments, unless otherwise stated or if there is alcohol on the premises.

Other Weapons
New Mexico does not require that firearm owners be licensed to own handguns, shotguns, or rifles. Law also states that rifles, handguns, and shotguns do not need to be registered nor are permits needed to purchase these kinds of firearms. Permits are also not necessary to carry shotguns and rifles.

Firearms can be purchased from other states that have the same firearms laws as New Mexico. The law also states that those who have been convicted of felonies may not transport, receive, or possess any kind of firearm. These rights may be restored after a ten-year waiting period has passed since the sentence's completion, if a sentence was deferred, or if the individual was later pardoned for the offense.

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