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New Mexico State Laws

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Nestled between Arizona and Texas, New Mexico finds itself on the frontline of the national immigration debate. Although the number one priority for many Americans is to secure our borders, we also need to deal with the people who are already here. New Mexico laws cover all aspects of any judicial issue whether it is brought before a criminal or civil court.

You don't need to put a lawyer on retainer to get an understanding of New Mexico law basics (although you really should consult an attorney if you have been charged with a crime or some other legal issue). In fact, if you do need to bring a lawyer into your life, it will save you money to get as much information as possible before you contact them. Lawyers charge by the hour and if you can skip over the basics of New Mexico laws, then you'll be ahead of the game.

New Mexico Gun Laws
Even though there are many stories of the old west to be found in the history of New Mexico, that doesn't mean gunslingers are still roaming the streets. New Mexico gun laws provide the guidance for gun owners and sellers to legally work within the boundaries of the law. One of the restrictions of gun ownership is for convicted felons: they aren't allowed to have guns.

Gun ownership is right but it is also a responsibility. You might have had a gun passed down through the generations but are you legally allowed to keep it in your home? Can you transport it in the backseat of your car? Can you carry it into a public space? These and many other firearm details are covered with the New Mexico gun laws.

New Mexico Criminal Laws
New Mexico felony laws clearly define the level of offense that needs to be committed in order to be charged with a felony. They also detail the amount of potential jail time and fines based on the different classification of felony.

For less serious criminal offenses, a person can be charged with a classification of misdemeanor in New Mexico. These also have their own levels of punishments and fines that are handed out at the discretion of the criminal court judges.

New Mexico DUI Laws
There are long stretches of New Mexico roads where a person can go for hours without seeing any other drivers on the road. Sometimes, this gives drivers the "confidence" to exceed the speed limit or try some reckless stunts. It might also provide a venue for drunk drivers.

Fortunately, there are New Mexico DUI laws on the books that strive to prevent drivers from getting out of control. For multiple DUI convictions, the penalties and fines increase. There are also restrictions with regard to license suspension and insurance riders that are also covered in the New Mexico DUI laws.

New Mexico Divorce Laws
In some cultures, you can actually get a divorce by merely declaring "I divorce you" three times. It's not quite that easy in America. However, New Mexico divorce laws have been written to make the process as streamlined as possible. Nobody wants a divorce to drag on. Knowing the laws and grounds for divorce can help speed up the proceedings.

New Mexico Bankruptcy Laws
Bankruptcy shouldn't be looked at as an end but a chance at a new beginning. New Mexico bankruptcy laws explain all the consequences of filing for a bankruptcy and how it can help you get back on solid financial footing.