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New York Gun Laws


New York Gun Laws
New York is often named as the most difficult state for acquiring firearm permits of all the United States, though Maryland and New Jersey are close behind. The methods for acquiring a license for carrying a handgun are extensive and come with many different levels to get through. Even after a license has been obtained, certain restrictions apply for how and when the firearm can be used.

All New York firearm restrictions are set by the proper jurisdictions that can vary depending on the county. Only those who have valid and current handgun licenses are allowed to purchase, carry, or possess handguns inside the state boundaries of New York. The state of New York has made this law on purpose to insure the safety of its residents.

New York Firearm Licensing
New York does not allow part-time residents or residents of other states to register for firearms licenses. Only those on active military duty are allowed to have handguns if they are not full residents of the state. Those who travel through New York without a valid New York license can find problems, even if the firearms are kept in a safe, lockbox, or a trunk.

Each individual wanting to register for a handgun license will have to contact his or her county police department. This can also be the city police department or the sheriff's department depending on the place of residency. The county must approve that a license is possible and then pass the application to the state police for more approval. Personal references will then need to be provided to account for the individual's character. These associates and friends will be asked to file information of differing lengths depending on which county the application is filed.

The pistol licensing application will be processed within six months of the submission, but each county determines whether the wait will be as little as four months or more than six months. Unlike other states, New York does not have a "shall issue" provision for handgun licensing.

There are two kinds of licenses: a carrying license and a premises-only license. Certain restrictions may apply for both, such as allowance only for field hunting or traveling with a firearm to or from a firing range. Administrative penalties or licensing suspension may be applied if restrictions have been breached.

Different Firearms
All forms of handguns are required to be registered in New York, with the exception of antique replicas and antiques. An individual is required to have a firearms license to even examine a handgun to be purchased either at a gun show or a gun store. The proper documents will then need to be filed before a purchase can be made, including filing with the local authorities for amendment.

In contrast shotguns and rifles are not required to be registered under any kind of jurisdiction, with the exception of the firearms that require registration. Rifles and shotguns are prohibited from being loaded while in a vehicle or place of business, unless there is a case of emergency.

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