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North Carolina State Laws

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There is one great claim to fame that North Carolina can call it's very own. It's the place where the first English colonist was born back in 1587. Although there were certainly Native Americans living there long before that year, it is North Carolina's little Virginia Dare who holds the distinction of being the first born American colonist.

Today, North Carolina's population stands at just under ten million statewide. It is a state that is steeped in American history from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War and reconstruction up to the modern age. Through all that history, North Carolina laws have been protecting the citizens and providing them with a means of recourse. You don't have to know all the history but knowing the law can certainly be a benefit.

North Carolina Criminal Laws
"To protect and serve" is the motto of police officers all across the country. The protection comes in the form of the many laws and regulations set forth to make sure everybody can get along. North Carolina criminal laws divide offenses into two levels of felony or misdemeanor charges.

Within those two levels are many other classifications that pertain to the severity of any particular offense. Whether you are charged with a North Carolina felony or misdemeanor you will face different possible jail sentences and fines. These laws apply to minors as well as adults in North Carolina.

North Carolina Gun Laws
Families who can trace their ancestry back through North Carolina's history often possess many heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations. Among those items can be treasured antique firearms. Even though a firearm might never leave your home, there are still rules and restrictions in place that must be adhered to.

For instance, a convicted felon can't possess a firearm no matter how long it has been in the family. North Carolina gun laws spell out exactly who can own, sell or buy a weapon. They also detail how these firearms can be used and carried within the boundaries of the law.

North Carolina DUI Laws
Getting arrested for driving under the influence is not going to be a pleasant experience for anyone. The best case scenario would be to get a drunk driver off the road before they can hurt themselves or anyone else. North Carolina DUI laws are in place to come down hard on offenders whether it is their first, second or third offense. Nobody wants to take a chance with a drunk driver.

North Carolina Divorce Laws
As a couple set out to spend their lives together they are hoping for "happily ever after" but that's not what they always get. That's why lawyers came up with prenuptial agreements. Most pre-nups are precursors to alimony payments in the event of a divorce. North Carolina Divorce laws incorporate all the specifics of divorce law from the legal grounds to child custody issues. There might not be such a thing as a happy divorce but at least there can be an easy divorce with the understanding of the laws.

North Carolina Bankruptcy Laws
For many folks across the country, living paycheck to paycheck has become a grim reality. The next step would be to file for bankruptcy. North Carolina bankruptcy laws are meant to help a person with financial woes to see the light at the end of the tunnel.