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North Dakota Gun Laws


North Dakota Gun Laws
Like many other states, North Dakota has been deemed a "shall issue" state in regards to concealed carrying. Permits are to be issued to applicants who qualify to receive concealed weapons permits through North Dakota's Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

It is the state's prerogative to insure that firearms are only handled by those with the means to control them. This limits the certain individuals from qualification, such as minors, the mentally ill, and those who have been convicted of felonies.

To qualify for a concealed weapons permit in North Dakota, a written exam must first be passed and an application submitted to the correct law enforcement. Local law enforcement agencies will then conduct background checks and present the information to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. This kind of firearm permit is only valid for a three-year time period.

Concealed weapons permits are required to transport any kind of loaded shotgun, rifle, or handgun in a motor vehicle. Despite being permitted to carry a concealed weapon, the permit does not allow a concealed weapon to be prohibited inside an alcohol-serving establishment, a site of gaming, on school property, on church property, at sporting events, at political rallies, at concerts, or in any kind of public building. The only individuals with this authorization are those who are permitted through local law and law enforcement officials.

North Dakota preempts any political subdivisions from enacting ordinances towards selling, owning, purchasing, transferring, licensing, or registering any kind of ammunition or firearm. This is often much more restrictive than the provided state law.

Under North Dakota law the distributors of, the manufacturers of, and the sellers of firearms are not to be held liable in cases where injury has been sustained due to the misuse of a firearm towards another individual. These individuals may however be sued for contract breaching, for warrant breaching, or for defects from poor designing or manufacturing.

Permitted Firearms
The state of North Dakota does not require permits to be obtained before rifles, shotguns, and handguns are to be purchased. The registration of shotguns and rifles is also unnecessary, however it is illegal to not register a handgun. Owners do not need to be licensed to own shotguns or rifles. Permits are also not needed to carry shotguns or rifles. All concealed handguns must be accompanied by a permit, however.

Firearm Possession
An individual who has been convicted of a violent felony offense is not allowed to possess firearms until his or her rights have been restored. These Constitutional rights may be restored ten years after the individual has been released from prison or ten years after probation has finished. Rights are restored from whichever date comes second. Those convicted of misdemeanors in the Class A category, which involve intimidation and violence through a deadly weapon, will also be prohibited from possession firearms. This right may be restored five years after a release from jail or five years after the termination of probation, whichever comes second.

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