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North Dakota State Laws

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One of the biggest land acquisitions deals that the US entered into was the Louisiana Purchase back in 1803. Believe it or not, much of what is now North Dakota was also part of the Louisiana land deal. The state of North Dakota started out with around 3,000 residents. By 1930 it hit a peak population of 680,000 and has been hovering around that number ever since.

You might think with such a small population that it would be easy for everyone to "stay out of trouble." Although most North Dakota residents are hardworking, law abiding citizens that doesn't mean they are free of all troubles. North Dakota laws offer the foundation for good living among some of nature's most amazing vistas.

North Dakota Criminal Laws
Even in the best places to live with low crime rates, you still need laws to govern the people. Like other states across the country, North Dakota has developed their own set of criminal conduct laws dividing offenses into two categories: felony or misdemeanor. But where do you draw the line between the two? Lawyers and prosecutors spend their days dealing in the differences between those two types of charges.

If you should find yourself involved ina criminal matter, understanding how North Dakota felony laws work can help you navigate through the court system.

North Dakota Gun Laws
North Dakota could definitely be considered part of the original wild frontier of America. Back then, owning a gun was essential for survival as it was the main way many people fed themselves (through hunting). Today, residents are still allowed to own guns for hunting and self-defense but there are some restrictions. North Dakota gun laws explain who is allowed to possess a weapon, how it can be transport and carried. Even if a gun has been in your family for years, you should still familiarize yourself with the gun laws.

North Dakota DUI Laws
Everyone has their "limit" when it comes to drinking. Unfortunately, as we drink those limits begin to blur. That's also when getting behind the wheel of a car becomes extremely dangerous. North Dakota DUI laws have been established to curb the impact of drunk drivers.

If you or someone you care about has found themselves in the uncomfortable position of being arrested for a DUI you need to understand just how serious a conviction might be and what possible penalties you could be facing.

North Dakota Divorce Laws
There are many reasons why a marriage could fail. But in the eyes of the court, there are only the specific legal grounds to file for a divorce. North Dakota divorce laws provide the framework for understanding those legal grounds. Additionally, they also establish the requirements for the distribution of assets, alimony payments and all issues pertaining to child custody and support.

North Dakota Bankruptcy Laws
Although it is hard to conceive, many people who have won large lottery jackpots often find themselves worse of then before the winnings. There are even a bunch of lottery winners who have been forced to file for bankruptcy. You don't have to go through a fortune to need bankruptcy protection. North Dakota bankruptcy laws can provide that kind of protection for those in need.