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The rural landscape of Oregon provides for an ideal hunting ground. The hunting traditions and firearms have been passed down through the generations. The result is that Oregon residents respect the safe and proper selling and owning of handguns, shotguns and rifles.

Like every other state which is considered "gun friendly," Oregon gun laws have a specific set of restrictions as to who exactly is allowed to possess a firearm and how it can be carried. These laws are considered "shall issue" laws which means that no local county or city can create a law to supersede the Oregon state gun laws with respect to owning and concealed carry. However, open carry ordinances can be enacted in specific county or city zones.

Oregon Gun Purchase Laws
According to Oregon gun laws, you can not sell, deliver or transfer a firearm to a convicted felon or anyone who is listed with the Health Division Registry. All dealers are required to keep a record of any gun they sell that includes the who, what, where and when of the gun purchase. The gun buyer is also required to submit their fingerprints to that purchase record.

The gun dealer is also required to call the Department of State Police for an instant criminal history background check. There is a ten dollar charge for this check. And the same background check is required at gun shows as well.

Oregon Gun Possession Laws
You do not need a permit to possess a handgun, shotgun or rifle in Oregon. However, if you are a convicted felon it is against the law to own a firearm. The exceptions to the convicted felon rule are if you had your record expunged, or if it was for a single felony offense that didn't involve homicide or a firearm and occurred fifteen years prior.

Oregon Conceal Carry Gun Laws
If you have been a resident of Oregon for at least six months, you can apply for a concealed carry license. You will need to be at least 21 years old without any outstanding arrest warrants and of course not have any felony convictions. You also can't have been deemed mentally ill or committed to a mental health facility in Oregon. And if you were ever cited for stalking or has a protective order against you, you will be denied the conceal carry license.

To have your concealed carry license approved you will also need to complete a certified gun safety and training course. It is against the law to have a loaded or unloaded firearm in any building that is considered to be open to the public unless you have a conceal carry license.

Additional Oregon Gun Laws
Oregon gun laws state that it is illegal to set any spring action gun except for the sole purpose of killing "gophers, moles or other burrowing rodents." You also can not alter any firearm by removing identification marks. Additionally is it against the law to point any loaded weapon at another person unless it is for your own self defense. If you come into possession of a gun with its identification marks removed, you are breaking the law.

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