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Tennessee Gun Laws


Tennessee Gun Laws
The state of Tennessee does not necessitate that handguns or long guns have a state permit before a purchase is made. Long guns and handguns are also not required to be registered.

Tennessee does not have an assault weapons law for handguns or long guns nor do owners need to be licensed to possess handguns and long guns. Permits do not need to be issued to carry long guns, but the carrying of a loaded long gun is illegal.

HCP allows individuals to carry loaded long guns in motor vehicle when no rounds are in the chambers. Hunting is an exception to this rule. Handguns are required to be licensed because Tennessee is a "shall issue" state.

Government Restrictions
Tennessee is considered to be an anomalous state. Through this certain municipalities and cities allow some laws prior to the eighth of April 1986 to stand though most local ordinances preempted laws after this date.

Local governments have the right under Tennessee law 39-17-1359 to post signs prohibiting the carrying of firearms on government property. Private land owners also have the right to post signs on their land prohibiting the carrying of long guns and handguns.

NFA Weapons
NFA weapons are not restricted in Tennessee as of the first of July 2003. The chief law enforcement officer is then required to administer NFA paperwork within fifteen days, but only if the individual has not previously been prohibited from possessing long guns and handguns. All federal rules are observed in Tennessee.

Self-defense Law
State law says that self-defense by using a deadly weapon is lawful under certain circumstances. When an individual has the right to be located in a vicinity and is acting due to a threatening matter, he or she has the right to defend him or herself with a deadly weapon. The aggressor by law must have entered through force into a place of residence, place of business, personal vehicle, or other personal dwelling place.

Firearms Prohibited
Even when an individual has been issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon, he or she still is not permitted to take the firearm wherever he or she pleases.

Certain buildings and properties ban firearms through Tennessee law. Any place that serves alcohol, such as a bar or a restaurant, prohibits firearms for safety reasons. Firearms are also not permitted in courthouse proceedings. Firearms are not allowed to be present on school property, unless an adult has come to collect or leave a student and the firearm remains untouched in the motor vehicle.

Tennessee Parks
The only way that firearms are allowed in public parks is when a person has an HCP carry through the state of Tennessee, which renders public parks legal through default. When a school activity is taking place in the park, firearms are prohibited under all circumstances. All public parks in the City of Nashville prohibit handguns and long guns. Buildings may have signs stating the prohibiting of firearms on the property. For this to be legal the sign needs to be fully visible to the public.

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