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Texas Gun Laws


Who can carry?
Texas is one of the few states in the United States that allows it's residents to carry firearms. Any resident of Texas can carry a firearm, they just need to go through the proper procedures in order to carry one. While you can purchase firearms in the state of Texas, you are not able to sell, rent or loan a gun to anyone that you know will use it against the law.

In Texas, you do not need a permit to purchase or carry a firearm, this includes shotguns and rifles. You must obtain a permit to carry a handgun. You must also be over 18 years of age to purchase and carry a firearm in the state of Texas.

Right to own - What can invalidate this?
Texas does not require it's residents to have a license to carry a firearm, and any resident over the age of 18 is eligible to carry a firearm. There are a few things that can invalidate your right to own and carry a firearm. If you are a convicted felon, you are not able to carry a firearm. Also, if you have been convicted of a Class A misdemeanor against your family or household, you are not eligible to carry a firearm. There are also certain orders against the Family Code and Code of Criminal Procedure that can make you ineligible to carry a firearm.

Restoration of rights if taken away
If your right to carry a gun has been taken away, you can file a petition to get it restored. You must first apply for a pardon and then fill out an application to get your rights restored. These forms will be sent to the courts and they will either approve or deny your right to carry a firearm.

Registration requirements
You must apply for a license to carry a concealed firearm in Texas. You will need to provide an application, two photographs (passport quality), fingerprints, proof of residency in Texas, age verification (at least 21 for concealed firearm), a certificate showing you are proficient to use a handgun, authorization to release your records and an affidavit stating you understand the laws.

Special requirements for owning a gun
There are no real special requirements for owning a gun in Texas. If you wan to carry a concealed firearm, you need to go through the application process to get that approved. Because Texas does allow it's residents to carry firearms, there are a few places you are not allowed to take the firearm. These include: Courts, businesses that sell alcohol for consumption on site, any type of school, nursing homes and hospitals, amusement parks, polling place on the day of an election, churches, race track, jails and prisons, secure area of the airport. You can also not carry a firearm while you are drunk, and you must have it concealed at all times.

Texas is one of the most lenient states when it comes to firearms. All residents are eligible to own one, unless they are felons. While there are certain places firearms are not allowed, it is very common to see residents of Texas with shotguns and rifles in their cars.

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