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Wyoming Gun Laws


As part of American history, some states have the unique distinction to be deemed a "frontier state." This meant that they were part of the massive western expansion in the 1800's. Although some of these states like Colorado, Utah and Arizona ended up with a burgeoning population, others like Montana and Wyoming still to this day have less people spread out over more area. The result is that Wyoming gun laws are more geared towards the hunter and outdoorsman as opposed to the urban dweller. This doesn't mean it's still the "wild west" but that Wyoming citizens are carrying on the proud heritage of gun ownership.

Wyoming Gun Laws for Sale and Possession
Residents of Wyoming are not required to obtain a permit or license to own or purchase any type of handgun, rifle or shotgun. Additionally no permit is needed for anyone to carry a handgun. However, for a concealed carry you will need to obtain a license. There is no waiting period of the purchase of a gun in Wyoming. Anyone purchasing a firearm must submit to the FBI's National Instant Check System. This will quickly determine if a person has any outstanding warrants or is a convicted felon which would prevent them from owning or buying a firearm.

Unlike other states, if you are an adult with children in your house, you are not required to keep your firearms locked in a storage cabinet or with a trigger lock. If for any reason a minor uses a gun in the commission of a crime, the adult gun owner will be criminally libel for those actions.

The gun shop owner or dealer needs to maintain records of every firearm purchase. These records include the contact information, type of firearm sold and the date of purchase. All of these records should be made available to any officer of the law for review.

Wyoming Concealed Carry Permit Restrictions
Any lawful gun owner who is a resident of Wyoming can apply for a concealed carry permit from the office of the state Attorney General. A background check will be run on anyone who applies for a concealed carry permit. Once that permit has been issued, the gun owner needs to carry it with them when they are also carrying the weapon. If the permit is lost or there is a change in contact information, the permit holder must notify the Attorney General's office within 30 days or risk losing the permit.

Even with the permit, there are certain places in Wyoming that are off limits for a concealed weapon. Included in these places are any schools or college campuses or other public institutions prohibited by federal law such as court houses and detention centers.

Wyoming Miscellaneous Gun Laws
It is against the law in Wyoming to take an automatic weapon or any firearm with a silencer into an open field or game preserve. The laws of the state apply to all counties and cities. No city or county is permitted to make any laws which would prevent any lawful resident from owning or purchasing a firearm.

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